Website update and an update for the website

Any regulars will be aware that they are looking at an unfamiliar Pan Global’ website. Fear not, this one’s better than ever, as you may have noticed. If you haven’t noticed please do so now, so I can feel alright about how much it cost. I have added a new gloating section called ‘Press‘, where I get to show off about how many newspapers and magazines have featured the nursery. More important, arguably, is the fact that everything is just that bit bigger and sharper on your screen and there are hundreds more photos, at last (I hear you say).

There are various other tweaks etc., all put in place by my faithful web guru She’s a bit good at putting together an easy to use website; so important these days, what with all the pointless and annoying pap that flash(er) web designers like to put in the way of viewers enjoyment. So, perhaps you might like to find the time to set up a small shrine to her in a seldom visited corner of your home.

This isn’t the only update that has occurred in recent weeks. The plant database has recently been refreshed with what’s available in 2011. March may seem like a strange time to do this, with January being perhaps optimum, but there we are. I’m rather pleased to say we have 216 new additions to the catalogue this year, many of them extremely interesting and some completely new to cultivation. I shall outline a few of them in my next blog entry.

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