15 years in and finally I get a new office…

Yes, believe it or not, PGP is 15 spotty years old this year, so to mark the occasion I decided to employ the services of a talented local dude, Chris, to build me a rather handsome new hut in the style of a colonial shack. Below is some cutting edge time-lapse photography I commissioned for the job from the BBC Natural History Unit, so famous for their inspiring work with David Attenborough. The last sentence is actually a lie.

My second son Theo assisted throughout, with occasional appearances by Gabriel, our Kenyan connection. The result is, I think you’d agree, pretty pleasing.

If you fancy one of these, or similar, just contact me at the nursery for Chris’s details.

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4 Responses to 15 years in and finally I get a new office…

  1. Mark Mason says:

    Damn me, I love the shack! What do they cost?

    • nick says:

      Thanks. For one of the same size and interior spec (not shown) you’re looking at £30,000. A fair bit cheaper if you cut back on insulation and/or interior finish, let alone size.

  2. Chris Earle says:

    Very nice hut, Nick! But how’s that roof do for you in a heavy rain? Looks noisy!

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